Getting Started with an Archetypal Consultation

To become familiar with your Sacred Contract you begin with casting an Archetypal Wheel called your Chart of Origin. This wheel consists of your 12 Archetypes and 12 Houses of the Zodiac where each house represents the different aspects in your life.

Upon making an appointment, you will be guided on how to choose your 12 Archetypes and cast the wheel by placing them in the 12 Houses. The Houses help you understand the role these archetypes play in your life.

My role as an archetypal consultant will be to read your archetypes and how they function within each house and will discuss your wheel with you. When you look into this Wheel, it is like looking into a mirror in which you will see your own reflection.

Within the 12 Archetypes, there are four Archetypes that are called the Survival Archetypes that exist in every person’s chart. They are the Victim, Child, Prostitute, and Saboteur.

It is important to remember that archetypes are “neutral”, neither positive nor negative even though you initially have negative associations with them. After having your Chart of Origin complete, the wheel and your archetypes can be used in many different ways to help you work on any specific issue of your choice in your life.

Scheduling an appointment

The majority of consultations are conducted over the telephone. We will arrange a specific time and you will be provided a phone number to call.

Please remember that a reading is not a replacement or a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.


12 house Chart of Origin: $225 (includes a deck of Archetype Cards)
Four Survivors only: $75
Follow up sessions: $75/hr
Fate/Destiny Wheel: $75/hr (Prerequisite is Chart of Origin Wheel)
Ancestral Wheel $75/hr (Chart of Origin Required)


Knowing Your Sacred Contract

  • Can help you in understanding yourself.

  • Can provide a way of looking at your health and well being.

  • Can help you to see that you are not only one thing, but many things, that everything is connected, and you can see all things and events from a broader perspective.